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We are three entrepreneurs, from three very different backgrounds, who all came up the hard way. Learning, trying, failing, adjusting, and trying again. All three of us became very sucussful, so let us share our journies with you. We hope we can encourage, insire, and teach you to become just as sucessful as we are. The only limits in this world are the ones we put on ourselves.

Results Driven Coaching

Our training teaches you how to find a winning approach and how you can maximize your business efforts.

Leadership Training

Being a boss doesn’t equal being a leader. We will teach you to be the type of person that inspires others.

Personal Development

Success in the business world begins with success in your personal life. Learn to break bad habits to grow positive results.

Personalized Action Plans

No matter what industry you’re in, we will devise a personalized plan to make sure you’re working at peak potential.

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About Us

What We Believe

Leadership is about results. Exceptional leadership is developed over time and not overnight. The greatest leaders of our time had mentorship along the way. Our leadership training can take your business from ordinary to extraordinary and you from good to great.

Our mission is to find the next generation of great leaders, and then to train, teach and equip them to be sucessful.

We want to create a global movement of real leaders. In the family, in business, in local communities, in government, and in every walk of life.

Our vision is to bring our style of leadership training to the world. One country and one meeting at a time. We believe in a very personalized and customized leadership philosophy. Training and equiping each leader to use their own personal strengths and attributes.

Our strategy is to develop and support a global leadership group, where leaders from all over the world can support, encouage and share ideas with one another.


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Leadership Training

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Personal Development

We will show you how to increase your value at work and in life with our time tested, proven approach - Contact Us -

Business Training

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Performance Coaching

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Meet Us

The Executive Team

Hear our stories that helped shape and define who we are. Like we stated earlier, all three of us come from very different and distinct backgrounds. The bond that brings us together is the love we have for each other, and the love we have to coach, teach and inspire you, the next great leader.

Shane Maguire

Originally born and raised in New Zealand, a farm boy at heart with a passion for discovery and travel. Knowing that he would always have his sights on the horizon, he joined the New Zealand Navy as a medic, leaving the small town life to begin his great adventure. The 21 years old Kiwi, (Shane Maguire) landed in the states after securing his place with the crew on the square rigged sailing ship “Bounty". The ship was built in New Zealand for the motion picture "The Bounty" starring Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, for whom Shane doubled during the making of the film. Shane moved to the states permanently at the age of 24 in his pursuit of the American dream.

Shane is the C.E.O of a nationally recognized precious metal business, “The Gold Guys.” One of the largest and fastest growing businesses in America with over Half Billion in gross revenue. An entrepreneurial idealist with a zeal for new ideas, he challenges and inspires people to do their best. Shane's fondness for aviation is among his many interests. As an adventure seeker, Shane flies his vintage warbird, a 1955 T28-B Trojan; rides Indian motorcycles; and is a collector of classic cars.

Though Shane has many passions, none are dearer to him than his love for his two sons, Levi and Harper. When asked, his reply to the question, “what is your greatest achievements in life?”.… Being a dad! Shane enjoys inspiring people and is always quick to encourage and share his passion for life, business and of course his Lord and savior Jesus Christ, with anyone at any time.

Dr. Charles Kinuthia

Recently recognized as one of the fastest growing franchisors in the U.S., Charles Kinuthia was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, spending time in Australia as well as Finland. He relocated to Houston, TX, from Australia in 2006. In 2009, he founded One Stop Tax Services Inc., a national franchise Tax, Accounting and Software Company. Charles serves as the Group CEO of the One Stop Tax Franchise Systems, Inc., with locations nationwide.

In addition to his responsibilities as an entrepreneur and business owner, he is the Chairperson of the Lone Star College’s Business Management Advisory Board, one of the largest colleges in Texas USA. He also serves as an Executive Board Member and Treasurer of KCM, a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering financial assistance to low income. Charles recently launched his social enterprise, Hope 631, a global nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty through education and the empowering of small businesses, where he serves as Vice-President. He was recently featured on front cover of Franchising USA, and in Entrepreneur magazine and was also appointed by Ambassador of Burundi as a special advisor to the President’s office of the I CHANGE Nations Honor Africa Initiative.

Charles is a speaker, educator, mentor, leader, and entrepreneur. The same drive and purpose that took him from poverty in Kenya to making dreams come true for others, is the message he has committed his life to sharing. Charles enjoys spending time reading, playing the piano, flying and volunteering his time to others.

Jeff Balagna

With more than 35 years of experience, Jeff is a seasoned executive with broad management expertise. His career spans multiple industries and includes stints at prominent brands including Ford, GE, Friday's, Sears, Eli Lilly and Medtronic.

He has served as CEO of Friday's Restaurants, Carlson Marketing, Sears Auto Centers, and Sears Home Services. Additionally he has held C-level positions at Medtronic and Eli Lilly, and senior executive roles at GE and Ford Motor Company. Early in his career, he founded Data Communications Corporation.

He has served on many boards of directors over the past 20 years. He is a past board member of Sears Auto Centers, Sears Home Services, Sears Consumer Electronics, Tennant Company, US Energy, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Carlson Restaurants / TGI Friday’s, and Carlson Marketing. He has also served on a number of non-profit boards, including Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota Orchestra, Light of Hope, and ELIMU. He also served as a volunteer firefighter and Assistant Chief of the Troy, Michigan Fire Department for 15 years.

Jeff holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Oakland University, in Rochester, MI. He is also a graduate of the GE Executive Development program at Crotonville, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business & Law, Graduate Director’s Forum.

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What People Said

Shane, Charles and Jeff have mentored me in both business and my personal life. I hold all three of them in the highest regard. Don't miss an oportunity to learn from these three. It is well worth it, and will be the best business descision you make.

Lance Anderson: GWD
Web Developer
I was not being the leader that I needed to be for my team. I was stressed, and my team felt it. Morale was really down, and my employees were not producing like they were in the past. Charles brings something special to business coaching. He gave me that tough love that I needed to get me back into the swing of things and start giving my staff the leadership that they deserve.
Trisha Jackson: Extensions by Trish
Jeff and Shane have been great friends and business mentors to me. Their guidance and coaching helped me to become General Council of LifeTime Fitness and now CFO. I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity, to go learn from these great, wise men!!

Eric Buss: LifeTime Fitness
Chief Financial Officer
Where do I begin? There are no words to describe how Shane and Charles has helped me go from a good business owner to a great one. While my business was doing well, he opened my eyes to see that it could be so much better and make a bigger impact for clients. Using his tools, I successfully expanded the business and increased profits.
Jill Stevens: Made for Me Clothing

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